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Pro Creative Marketing Group was founded in 1997 by Jennifer Dublino with the goal of helping small business owners leverage smart strategies and digital tools to achieve their dreams. We have helped companies like yours to exponentially increase their marketing effectiveness.

How do we always know the right thing to say to drive more engagement and sales?
We do a deep dive into their businesses, so we know what their customers want and need that are not currently being provided by competitors and how to appeal to them. Then we strategically utilize resources such as email lists, social assets, websites and advertising platforms along with our award-winning copywriting to motivate prospects, leads and customers to take action.


Jennifer Dublino

jennifer dublino


Jennifer Dublino has used data-driven marketing communication strategies to expand clients’ customer bases and increase sales for over twenty-five years. She is an expert at engaging content creation and persuasive writing that moves prospects towards action, including websites, blog posts, thought leadership articles, email nurture campaigns, online video scripts, and sales scripts.

In addition to highly effective marketing communication, she is experienced in marketing strategy and research. Her articles are well-researched and use facts in an interesting and compelling way to establish clients as experts in their field. She has created numerous business plans, marketing plans and industry analyses to help clients identify and benefit from market trends, competitor weaknesses and unmet customer needs. In her experience, a well-informed and fact-based approach to marketing and sales produces outstanding client results.

She is also a world-renowned expert on scent and sensory marketing. For over four years, she was at the epicenter of the scent marketing industry, as head of the Scent Marketing Institute, the global scent marketing industry group, as well as ScentWorld, the global educational event for the industry and marketers interested in increasing revenue by tapping into the power of the senses. 

She has been interviewed and quoted as an expert in a variety of media, including AdWeek, Advertising Age, the American Marketing Association’s Marketing News Exclusives, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Charlotte Observer, Reuters, Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Canadian Lodging News, Neuromarketing blog, Cosmetic World, Beauty Fashion, Ocean Drive,  First Business syndicated business TV show, Ignite Magazine, Quartz, Nikkei Research Institute (published in Japan), Fashionograph (published in Russia), South China Morning Post (published in China), among others.

She founded Pro Creative Marketing Group in 1997. Previously, she founded an Internet marketing company called that she sold to Icanect, which was later purchased by a public company. In 1995, was awarded the Internet connectivity, installation and training contract for Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the 3rd largest school district in the US.

She has a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing from the University of Miami and an MBA in finance also from the University of Miami. She lives in Greenville, South Carolina with her husband, the youngest of her five children, three dogs and a cat.