What to Look for in a Marketer

What sets a good marketer apart

When deciding how to spend your marketing dollars, you need to hire someone who will be effective. Here’s what to look for in a marketer to ensure that you are making the right choice.

First of all, in marketing youngest and cheapest are rarely best. Many business owners think that to compete on social media, they need to hire someone right out of college. And to be fair, if you’re just looking for a constant stream of posts linking to professionally written content you already have, that is a good job for a young social media marketer.

But if you are truly interested in connecting with prospects in a way that leads them to spend their hard-earned money with you, hire an experienced marketer. Hire someone who has been dealing with customers, business and human nature for a long time. Also, be wary of foreign writers who will charge very little but do not express themselves in a way American prospects can understand and appreciate.

An average marketer can explain your product or service to prospects in a way that sounds fairly intelligent.

But who wants just average?

Here’s what to look for in a marketer

  • Experience – As mentioned above, it takes a lot of trial and error dealing with business situations to discover what works. Experienced marketers are also generally better at managing their time, so they can get the job done (right) faster.
  • Process – If your marketer approaches your job with no plan, the results will be uneven and jumbled. Every job is different, but the steps to doing the job thoroughly and well are pretty consistently the same. See our process here.
  • Insight – Hire a marketer with an ability to hone in on the driving motivators of your target market. For example, if your product is a gift set, the buyer cares more about the presentation and how expensive it looks than about the lifetime warranty.
  • Curiosity – Look for someone who is enthusiastic about finding out more about your company and what you sell, and is willing to do a lot of research to uncover the nuances. Her enthusiasm will come through in her writing and will transmit to prospects.
  • Versatility – Many of today’s marketers confine themselves to one kind of marketing. But a truly effective marketer will be able to see the whole picture.
  • Consistency – Your company communicates with customers in a variety of ways. If your message and voice are not consistent then you are being ineffective at best and confusing at worst.

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