Client Projects

Custom client centered strategies get results

The Pro Creative team has worked on some amazing projects, from large to small, product launches to  mature products, highly complex to easy to understand, and we have found something inspiring and special in each one of them. We pride ourselves on finding the diamond within each client. Because as your marketing evangelist, if we’re not thrilled about your product or service, then we can’t transmit that excitement to prospects.

Great marketing is the like the goose that laid the golden eggs. It just keeps producing revenue… 

Here are a few samples of projects we have done: 

ScentWorld and Scent Marketing Institute 

After the founder of this international scent marketing industry association passed away, we took over all marketing and sales functions. We relaunched the annual conference/expo, ScentWorld and made it bigger than ever before. We generated unprecedented media coverage and drastically increase revenue from both memberships and ScentWorld attendees, exhibitors and sponsors.

Tonica Herbal Wellness 

This manufacturer of herbal health tonics needed for a complete rebranding and marketing plan that will take them to the next level. We crafted a new name and corporate identity for this client, with new product names, sales sheets, and product packaging. 

Active Parks 

The National Parks & Recreation Association came to us for a website. The site we designed allowed people to be able search for specific activities and facilities at tens of thousands of city, county and state parks. To promote the undertaking, we wrote and directed a video promotion starring seven-time winner of the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong.

Mina Novian

This Los Angeles painter was struggling to get galleries to show her work. We created a two-pronged strategy to opens doors for her. First, we advised her to donate a few of her works to local charities for their fundraising auctions to get in front of wealthy potential patrons. At the same time, we wrote direct mail for her to send to art galleries. Now she has a full schedule of gallery shows not just in LA but also in other US and international cities.

Kitchen Right 

This client created a free online kitchen design software in order to generate leads for local kitchen professionals. Although the tool was great, they were not getting much lead flow. Through a combination of user experience (UX) consulting, Google AdWord consulting and content creation, we increased saleable leads by 10 times.

Media Group Online 

For for this market intelligence client, we researched and wrote dozens of mini industry reports. Reports included size, trends, challenges and marketing implications. We know about all of these industries. Amusement parks to office supply stores, bars and nightclubs, farmers markets, legal services, supermarkets, auto insurance and more.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with Jennifer. She is instrumental in keeping SMI alive. Her job with organizing the Scent World Expo was incredible. I look forward to working with Jennifer more.

Spence Levy, President, Air Esscentials