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scent and sensory marketing consulting

Scent marketing and sensory marketing are secret weapons for brick and mortar businesses. If you have a physical location such as a store, bar, entertainment venue, professional office or healthcare facility, your customers are already influenced by how it looks, feels, smells and sounds. Unfortunately, oftentimes, it is in a negative way.

Pro Creative can show you how to use the senses to improve customer experience, increase linger time and boost sales. As an industry insider, we can link you up with honest, effective and knowledgeable vendors.


We do scent marketing seminars like the one we did for brand executives at Marriott International. Need a keynote? We do those too, like the one we did on sensory marketing for the Packaging That Sells conference or the one we did for Mind Control at Retail conference.

Jennifer was a speaker at my conference, Packaging that Sells, in 2014. Her presentation on “Enhancing the Customer Experience Using the 5 Senses” was was on-trend, thought-provoking and just the kind of content my audience was looking for. With a great stage presence, and the expertise and experience to connect with an audience, Jennifer would make a great addition to any conference agenda.

Sam Wilson, Associate Publisher, Food Engineering Magazine

Marketing for Scent Marketing Firms

Have you recently decided to get into the exciting world of scent marketing? We can help get you started. When you use content provided by a world-renowned expert, your company gets tremendous credibility, whether it is written, in person or video.

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