Marketing in the Time of Coronavirus

marketing uncertainty

Many companies that are still operating are hesitant to do marketing now, while we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. With most employees working from home, they don’t have access to the same marketing resources. They are also worried about looking like they are only interested in making money while people are suffering. The good news is, yes, you can continue marketing now; you just need to do things differently.

Get Creative

You may not have access to professional photographers and videographers, but all is not lost. Create an event or contest that encourages user-generated content. You can also use stock images and video footage to flesh out short videos for your website and social media. Videos of owners and employees from home talking about the products, coronavirus precautions or community involvement are an authentic and touching way to connect with customers and prospects.

Shift to Meet Current Needs

Say your business relies on in-person interaction with customers. Since that is not going to happen for some time, look at how you can use your company’s products, processes or knowledge to fulfill a need. In addition to keeping your business afloat, it will keep you top-of-mind for when things go back toward normal.

For example, Firmenich, the fragrance house that creates fine perfumes, has shifted to producing hand sanitizer. Rum maker Bacardi has followed suit. A baseball uniform manufacturer is using the iconic striped fabric to make face masks and scrubs. Product retailers can shift to selling online and yoga instructors are doing classes on Zoom. Include your new offerings in all of your digital marketing.

Hold Online Events

People staying home are bored and there’s only so much Netflix they can watch. Create fun and educational online events to entertain and inform them. A liquor store can create a bi-monthly cocktail-making or wine webinar. Fashion stores can run a contest asking customers who have previously purchased to send videos of them modeling the clothes they bought. Feature the videos in your social marketing posts and on your website.

Pair it with the ability to order online, and you can make sales, maintain awareness and strengthen your brand.

Make People Happy

Use humor to alleviate the tension people are feeling right now. Everyone can use a smile or laugh. Or, surprise people with something amazing, as John Krasinski did with this episode of his YouTube series Some Good News. That’s why, as of the time of writing, his video has gotten over 11 million views. Of course, most small business owners don’t have the kind of access to celebrities that Krasinski has, but if you can tap into some engaging talent, then do it!

For more ideas about smart marketing in the time of coronavirus, contact Pro Creative.