Know Thy Customer

When preparing any kind of sales, marketing or customer service communication, you need to understand what the customer or prospect wants, needs and fears. What problem does your product or service solve for her? What alternative products would she consider and why?

Ask for Customer Feedback

Don’t be afraid to talk to customers and ask them. If a prospect ends up not buying from you, ask what factored into his decision. When a customer cancels a regular service with you, conduct an exit interview to find out what went wrong. If it’s not practical to talk to customers directly, then talk to your salespeople. They are a great source for customer questions, feedback and objections. Examine social media posts referencing your brand as well as online reviews. Do the same for your competitors to see what their customers like and don’t like about them.

It’s also important to continue to survey customers continually. Their attitudes and needs may change as a result of new competitors, substitute products, cultural shifts and economic conditions. You may also have a new product or service that could benefit from customer feedbackc.

Incorporate what you learn into web copy, emails, sales scripts, presentations, brochures, and any other non-billing outreach communication. Be consistent and persistent in communicating. It takes multiple exposures to information and ideas before a prospect will take action. The goal is for prospects to reach out to the company via web form, email, phone or in person. This will hopefully lead to a future sale.

Take notes and give them to your professional copywriter, who will use this information to create headlines and sales copy that effectively motivates prospects.

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