Emotions and Super-Customers

creating super-customers

Sure, you want your customers to be satisfied, but is it enough? New research from Harvard Business School says that satisfied customers are not sufficient to make a business truly successful. What is needed is to really connect with customers on an emotional level, especially loyal frequent buyers.

By discovering how your best customers feel in regard to your business and reinforcing those emotions, you can turn good customers into super-customers. Super-customers visit more often, spend on average twice as much and love to give you great reviews and recommendations.

Identifying Potential Super-customers

Go through your customer database or CRM and sift out one-time and occasional customers, leaving only those customers who buy regularly, make larger purchases and whom you can be confident are satisfied by checking complaints, refunds and reviews associated with that record.

Discover Their Motivating Emotions

Send them a little survey, asking about their attitudes and values in general. Don’t connect the questions to your specific brand because that could invalidate the results.

If you don’t already have data on their shopping behavior, ask questions about that too. For example, do they browse the website before coming into the store, do they tend to come in during sales, etc.

Look at the results and sort into emotional categories. For example, a majority of your best customers may be motivated by a desire to stand out from the crowd, feel a sense of belonging or feel secure.

Use the Information to Strengthen Your Connection

Let’s say a subset of your potential super-customers want to feel a sense of belonging. Your marketing strategy should incorporate community building. You could do this by coming up with a name for your customer community, and then encouraging customers to take selfies using your product and upload them to your website. Layer in customer loyalty rewards that are not just monetary but also experiential like exclusive events.

By featuring this user-generated content, you enrich your marketing and create a stronger bond with these customers. They are more likely to become super-customers, or brand ambassadors, trumpeting their love of your company to all of their social networks.

Pro Creative can help you put together super-customer strategies that will make a huge difference in your bottom line and new customer acquisition. Contact us today to get started.