Creating Engaging Webinars


How do you know if your webinar is engaging the attendees? One benchmark is the number of contacts you get immediately afterward of attendees asking for more information about buying. However, webinars may be highly effective at boosting phone calls, appointments and ultimately sales over a longer period of time. Attendees may not be ready to buy at that moment, and just gathering information. Or they might need a few more emails from you in order to act.

HubSpot did a survey using the number of webinar attendees who tweeted or blogged about webinar content as a benchmark. Certainly, if attendees are interested enough to share your content, your webinar is engaging them. Here are some insights.

Create shareable content

Of course, anyone can share any content, but when your content is really interesting to your audience, new and unique, they will want to share it. Why? Sharing this kind of content actually makes the attendee look smart and improves their reputation among peers and bosses. Boost this kind of behavior by:

  • Emphasizing ideas and facts that are “out of the box” or surprising
  • Include information from recent studies and sources so it’s “hot off the press”
  • Using phrases like “Few people know this, but…” and “Your customers can really benefit from knowing this…”
  • Making sure that ideas are phrases succinctly so they are easily tweetable

Be likeable

Webinar participants are more likely to share about your presentation if they like the person giving the webinar. Attendees’ perceptions of the presenter are based not only on his or her presentation skills, but also on how the presenter makes them feel.

  • Present with high energy, without being frenetic or talking too fast
  • Build in short pauses to let participants digest and share the information you are providing
  • Even if attendees can’t see you (when you are showing slides), smile while you talk. The positive vibe is transmitted in your voice.
  • Although you are speaking as an expert, let the audience know that you know they are smart, professional and motivated to do perform well

Use Good Design

If your slides look confusing, you will find that your attendees’ minds are wandering and they will start dropping off your webinars. Keep your slides simple and impactful.

  • Keep to one thought per slide
  • Avoid bullets – you want participants to focus on what you are saying, not just read it before you are done talking.
  • Have more to say than you put on the slide – the slide text gives the main idea while you verbally provide more detail, examples, etc.
  • Don’t use any font size smaller than 30 points – this ensures that everyone can easily read the text and that there is not too much of it per slide
  • Use strong imagery that is relevant to the point you are making

Provide Your Slides

Sure, participants can consult their notes and share your content that way, but why make it difficult to do so? Before your live webinar, upload your presentation to Slideshare. Include a link to your Slideshare presentation in your live webinar

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