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Top 4 Post-COVID Retail Pivots

As we are in the middle of the second wave of COVID (or maybe a resurgent first wave), it has become clear that life will not return to “normal” any time soon. For small businesses like retail stores, it is especially important to be able to implement strategic pivots. If you keep running your business […]

10 Ways to Make Customers Comfortable Returning to Your Business Post-COVID

There’s no doubt that COVID has radically, and perhaps permanently changed the way consumers behave. The biggest change is, understandably, their reluctance to be close to others and touching things that others have touched. So, now with many states reopening businesses, can you make customers comfortable returning to your business? Morning Consult did some research […]

Formula for Long-term Success

What makes a thriving business, a business with long-term success, a business you can pass down to your kids? Even many businesses that are successful at first tend to lose that success as time goes on. In 1920, the average life span of a business was 67 years. This dropped to 15 in 2015 and […]