Author: procreative

Formula for Long-term Success

What makes a thriving business, a business with long-term success, a business you can pass down to your kids? Even many businesses that are successful at first tend to lose that success as time goes on. In 1920, the average life span of a business was 67 years. This dropped to 15 in 2015 and […]

Customer Motivations Since COVID-19

In normal times, marketers try to discern customer motivations in order to create marketing that will position their product as a way to fulfill those needs. Products and services have both a functional and a socio-emotional component. The functional component relates to the immediate use of the product. For example, if I am hungry, I […]

Emotions and Super-Customers

Sure, you want your customers to be satisfied, but is it enough? New research from Harvard Business School says that satisfied customers are not sufficient to make a business truly successful. What is needed is to really connect with customers on an emotional level, especially loyal frequent buyers. By discovering how your best customers feel […]