About Small Business Marketing

Small business marketing

Pro Creative Marketing Group was founded in 1997 by Jennifer Dublino with the goal of helping small business owners leverage smart strategies and digital tools to achieve their dreams. We have helped companies like yours to exponentially increase their marketing effectiveness.

In fact, our experience allows us to help you improve your image and communication in every way, from content creation, website user experience consulting to high-converting email campaigns, webinars and videos. If you have a physical location, we can help you boost sales through the power of scent marketing.

How do we always know the right thing to say to drive more engagement and sales?

Our Business Process

We do a deep dive into your business to find out what your customers want and how to appeal to them. Then we strategically utilize email lists, social assets, websites and advertising platforms along with our award-winning copywriting to motivate prospects to take action.

We are content specialists. By providing high quality content on your site, you look knowledgeable to prospects. As a bonus, you also increase your likelihood of being found on Google and other search engines. We optimize all of our content for SEO with your keyword phrases. Our content is informative, but we also nudge readers to fill out your contact form, schedule an appointment or make a phone call.

Oh, and did we mention that we are familiar with nearly every industry? We have researched and written dozens of industry analyses. So chances are, we are up to date on the size, outlook, trends, competitive landscape and more in your industry.

Jennifer is a talented, knowledgeable and hard working lady. She was instrumental in getting my business off the ground and was a delight to work with. Her writing talents were beyond my expectations. I found her to be cooperative and open to my ideas while working together. I would recommend her services without any hesitation.

Stephen Leifer, President, 1st Rate Credit Repair