10 Color Palettes That Communicate Ideas

We know that colors communicate certain emotions (for example, red can signal danger/anger/arousal) and that they can even provoke physiological changes in the body, for example by increasing heart rate. While individual colors provoke emotions or moods, color palettes take this communication to a whole new level by adding additional complexity and nuance. See how these combinations of colors are able to set a mood before a single word is added.

We’re edgy

edgy color scheme

This pairing of laid back shades of teal with the more muscular shades of red creates a tension that tells prospects that your company is beyond the norm.

We’re Traditional with a Twist

The traditional deep green, grey and cream say “old school” while the pink gives you the idea that the company is forward thinking and a bit creative.

We’re Natural/Sustainable

If your company sells eco-friendly, natural or sustainable products, this earth and sky palette lets prospects know. The palette also works if you are trying to communicate honest, transparent business practices.

We’re Go-Getters

The orange and red indicate that you are energetic and vigorous, while the cobalt and navy balance that with professionalism and trust.

We’re Here!

The juxtaposition of bright yellow with black naturally captures attention. Toning the black down to charcoal grey and adding the paper bag brown makes it a little more calming. As a marketing company, our aim is to capture attention, hence our logo colors.

We’re Creative and Openminded

Soft pink, a sweet and passive color is paired with its more aggressive cousins, fushia and red for a range of emotions that are calmed down by the rich blue for a dynamic palette.

We’re Happy

The combination of a range of bright colors tells potential customers that you are all about happiness. This is a great palette for companies that are lighthearted and customer-focused.

We’re Affordable and Fun

These happy citrus hues are emblematic of discount companies that are a bit irreverent (think Southwest Airlines). If you have unexpected elements to your product or service and don’t charge a lot, this is the palette for you.

We’re Moody and Creative

Purple tones are associated with spirituality and creativity, while the red gives this palette a more moody vibe. The light grey somewhat modifies the red, but it is still a somewhat unsettled color scheme.

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